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Calm Down Dear Festival 

Kind of Woman

by Nancy Ofori Geywu

Directed by Yami Löfjenberg

Camden People's Theatre 7-8 June 2019

Kind of Woman is a one-woman play about Ama, a young Swedish-born Ghanaian woman who has moved to London for University with her best friend.

On a night out, Ama meets her future boyfriend. What ensues is the fantasy turning into a nightmare. Ama goes from feeling adored and loved, to feeling like she is walking on eggshells. After the relationship, Ama begins to reflect on a version of a real Ghanaian ritual that her mother did for her when she was young and begins to wonder what kind of woman she is, and who she wants to be.

We go on a journey with her as she tries to navigate the effects of the relationship, realising that she alone can define who she is. The play is inspired by true events and is an exploration of love, self-love, emotional abuse and intergenerational Black female relationships.

Twitter: @KindOfWomanPLAY