AbsolutQueer Photography

Fireraisers  presents


by Polly Wiseman

Directed by Nathan Evans

Wilton's Music Hall 17 July 2018

Nico and Valerie Solanas – Warhol’s muse and would-be assassin – meet, in this black comedy about fame, failure and firearms.


The Chelsea Hotel, New York, 1968. Nico, German actress and singer with The Velvet Underground is waiting to shoot her role in Andy Warhol’s latest movie and for her lover, Jim Morrison, when her room is invaded by Valerie Solanas, radical feminist and would-be Warhol assassin. A duel to the death begins…


One hundred years since women got the vote, and thirty years since Valerie and Nico died, Fireraisers present a reimagining of two female pop culture icons at the epicentre of ‘60s cool battling for control of their own destinies.