"We’ve been to a couple of children’s theatre pieces before as a family, and I can honestly say this was the best piece we have ever been to. It was incredible - and so perfectly suited to the age group. So much theatre for babies and toddlers makes parents feel guilty if they don’t ‘behave’ in a totally unrealistic way.

Your performers were so responsive, so chilled out, and so engaging. I really resent theatre pieces that make the adults feel ‘stressed out’ and the children feel as if they’re doing something ‘wrong’ - this was brilliantly liberating and so, so enjoyable! 

(Mum of a 15 months old)

What's Coming Out of the Box  presents



By Estelle Rosenfeld


Folkestone Quarterhouse - 9 March 2018

Looping the Loop, Ramsgate - 23 March and 25 April 2018

The Gulbenkian, Canterbury - 4 June 2018

York Theatre Royal, Little Feet Festival - 12 June 2018

The Carriageworks, Leeds, Little Feet Festival - 13 June 2018

'Inside' is an intimate, interactive and immersive journey from conception to birth, which is specifically devised for 1 – 4 year olds, alongside their families.

Set in a campsite and inspired by life inside the womb, it features multi-sensory activities, shadow theatre, live soundmaking and object theatre.

How is it inside? How do the inside and the outside talk to each other? How much sound and light comes in? How do we

meet? ‘Inside’ has been devised in consultation with young children, their families and nursery staff.

It is supported by the Arts Council England, Kent County Council, Canterbury City Council, Looping the Loop, The

Quarterhouse, The Hullabaloo, The Gulbenkian and Baby Sensory Thanet.